What you can do
to stop a 9 year old girl
from getting sold into sex slavery

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Gospel Aid is a non-profit organization
that helps uplift the people of Nepal
under caste-based discrimination
and empowers them to lead a life of dignity.
Change driven by the power of the Gospel
Worldwide, starting with Nepal.

One person is being sold every 15 seconds
of which, 80% are women and children.
And this is an opportunity
to change the odds, even by a fraction.

People are still facing discrimination
due to the ancient caste-system

Children are trafficked and exploited because of poverty.
If they can seize the opportunity to escape poverty,
the fate of many will change.

The Three Rs

The Three Rs


Rescue of children who are at risk of human trafficking, exploitation, and abuse, such as orphans and the poor.
Home staff that raise up children rescued from danger. Exchange of ideas, educational and training cooperatives with the local leadership.
Rural lifestyle improvement projects viz., assisted farmland and goat breeding. Restoration of livelihood via small businesses.

Your actions can drive worldwide change

Partnering Organizations