A missionary gave a shocking statement at a meeting.

."If you were born in Nepal and were born into the Badi tribe,
you can't make a living unless you sell your 9-year-old daughter.

“I have to do something for these girls.”
I thought.
Because at that time,

My eldest daughter was 9 years old.

“Sell this child?
No. I can never do that"

Just because they were born in a different place and into different circumstances,
the Badi people are forced live in this horrifying reality.

In order to change this reality in front of me
I have decided to ask help from the Gospel music community that I was already involved in.

We learn everyday in Gospel choirs.
That people who were once being discriminated against
were able to change the society with the power of the Gospel.

We started Gospel Aid with people who shared these values.
We started supporting Badi with $5 every month.

We are thankful to our supporters.
With your help, we are now able to support two new facilities.

One of the Badi people whom we have had supported till now, has stood up and started their own “Gospel Home”.

They are Rescuing and Raising Badi children. Also, they have started “Badi Sustain Private Ltd”, a workplace to create jobs and Restore Badi Lives.

This is just the beginning. I want to see what lies ahead for all of us, as we walk together.

Be a part of this great work and witness firsthand the day when all the Badi people shall live freely.

Gospel Aid Mika Sato

Our Work

The path which brought us here
It was never so easy.
There is probably nothing that we could have done
if not for your help.

Mika Sato Representative, Gospel Aid

Activity Report