Let's build a House for Gospel Home

3 Million YenFunding Goal Achieved
Thank you for your Love and Support

There was a strong demand of building a "house" at Gospel Home in the midst of the corona. What can we do in a short period of time (and stay home)? I was bothered but talked to a lot of people. To my surprise, we received donations from various organizations and people that exceeded the target of 3 million yen! I'm just trembling with gratitude and excitement for. This will provide the foundation to Gospel Home raising children with peace of mind. It is still a society where there are many obstacles and difficulties for women to stand as leaders. I would like to ask for your kindness and prayer. We will share information on Facebook and newsletters, such as the progress of construction. We sincerely ask for your continued support.
With gratitude.

Mika Sato, representative of Gospel Aid

Mika Sato

There was an urgent need to start building a "house" as the current gospel home rented house is for sale. The "house" will be completed in a few months. I feel blessed to have people like you in my life. I really want to thank you for being with us.

Sita Badi , representative of Gospel Home, Kathmandu

Sita Badi

"The Power of Gospel" Stands Firm
even under the Pandemic

In the winter of 2019, Kathmandu's Gospel Home had a very bitter experience. They were kicked out of a rented house that they had rented as a Gospel Home. In the cold winter, They moved to the chapel of the church and searched for a place to move. They found a new address at the end of the year, but they didn't know when the house would be for sale. There must be a place to provide hot food and school education to children and to care them with love. All the staff were trouble minded. "search the land we can get long-term contract and built a house." That was the best way.

In March, preparations for a fundraise of house-construction has begun. However, at the same time, the spread of the new coronavirus became a global pandemic, the towns of Nepal was locked down, and a state of emergency was issued in Japan, stopping the movement of all people. It can be said that the "power of Gospel", which is the center of Gospel Aid, is at stake. The core of Gospel Aid's activities is to inform the current situation of Nepal at events and concerts and solicit support. However, all scheduled events have been cancelled. Many of the staff work on Gospel choirs and events, so like many people all over Japan, the events were seriously anxious about their daily lives and health.

However, there was a supporter who said, "we are using our mind wrongly!" "Let's love someone with the power of Gospel at any time!" From there, the "100 Fundraisers 100" has begun. Many "online fundraise events" that had never been imagined were planned and many people participated and cooperated. In addition, those who learned about this project through such events, churches, and groups, and those who continue to support us on a monthly basis made a great contribution.

Finally, the goal was achieved at the end of December. We receive daily reports from people who continue to work as fundraisers in January. The collected funds are ¥ 3,451,000 (including expenses and fees) as of January 1. 33 groups of individuals and groups who have registered and acted as fundraiser so far. 104 individuals and groups have contributed. In addition, many people were involved in this activity, supported and cooperated. We are grateful sincerely.
The collected funds will be used not only for building a house in Kathmandu, but also for moving expenses and purchasing furniture.Gospel Aid