Let's build a House for Gospel Home

We want to build a "House" for Gospel Home

At the end of last year, Gospel Home received a sudden eviction order from the rental property owner.
The children and staff lived in limbo for the following one month.
Fortunately, they managed to survive and find a new place for rent, but we cannot let them go through this over and over again.
With an owned property, the insecurity problem would be solved. The construction costs about 3 million yen.
With this amount, it would be possible to build a house with 10 rooms and can accommodate up to 50 children.

Fundraiser Goal
3 million yen
(~30,000 USD)

Deadline: December 31, 2020

Donate on anniversaries, birthdays, or even when there is no special occasion!
Will you extend your joy on your wedding anniversary or birthday? How about feel-good days? Or even on normal days? You can give using Donorbox (Credit Card Payment available) where you can select the money you'd like to donate. If you would like to make a donation by bank transfer, please inform us with your name and contact information, and then make the transfer.
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100x Fundraiser Challenge
It is difficult for just one person to raise 3 million yen to cover the construction costs. But what if many joined hands? We are collaborating on fundraising events that are fun to take part in, and are looking for 100 fundraisers to raise 30,000 yen (~300 USD) each.
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