OUR MISSIONWhat can you do right now
so that a 9 year old girl will not be sold into slavery?

Gospel Aid is a non-profit organization that helps people who are victims of
caste-based discrimination in Nepal by giving them the support they need to live a dignified life.
Change, driven by the power of the Gospel
Worldwide, starting with Nepal.


THE ISSUECan you imagine the reality of a child
being bought for the price of a candy?

With one sold every 15 seconds,
2 million people become victims of human trafficking in the world every year.
The people who were at the bottom in the former caste system (Dalits, The Untouchables)
still suffer discrimination in all areas of life, including employment. Many girls face the risk of being trafficked every single day.

The children who face caste-based discrimination and who live in poverty


The Three Rs

The Three Rs


RESCUE Rescue of children who are at risk of trafficking, exploitation, and abuse, such as orphans and those living in poverty.
Identification of the need for rescue and including the required paperwork.
The target people groups for rescue are:
1. People at risk of maintaining a dignified lifestyle such as orphans and homeless
2. People at risk of being trafficked and exploited
3. People who desire to be rescued
Gospel Home, a place where the tired and broken can live in peace
Poor, homeless and orphaned. Children living at the Home were at risk of being trafficked and exploited.
Now, they sleep comfortably, wear clean clothes, attend school, and are full of hope for a bright future.
Training local leaders
The staff working at Gospel Home belong to one of the lowest castes in Nepal as well, just like the children who were rescued.
But now, they have come to adopt a new set of values, taking care of the children, loving them, and nurturing them.
They also have a clear vision for their families back home, and are eager to rebuild their villages affected by poverty.
We provide cooperation, education and training to the staff to enable them to achieve their vision.

Restoration of individual dignity

Village Life Improvement Project
In rural areas of Nepal, people are subject to oppression due to discrimination, patriarchy, and superstition.
With our interactions with the locals as foreigners, we introduce a new way of living and a new set of values ​​that enable us and them to respect each other.
We also provide farmland development, technical guidance, and goat breeding support.
Training for Working in Japan / Supporting Small Businesses
Language training and employment support for Nepalese youth who are willing to work in Japan.
Support for various businesses launched in collaboration with Badi Cafe



Our goal is to enable the local children to develop self-sustenance so that they will be able to rebuild their own society as next generation leaders.


Our aim is to bring
a steady and a definite change.
Are you willing to support us?
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