July 2016 Started charity activities
Started working as a voluntary organization named "Gospel Aid for Asia".
Started activities via the continuous support system "Badi Friends".
September to November 2016 Gospel Concert for Charity
Held Gospel music workshops for charity at 9 locations in the Central Japan area and charity Gospel music concerts for charity in Nagoya. A total of 250 people participated and we were able to send about 4700 USD to Nepal through the "Out of Ashes" program.
End of 2016 By the end of 2016, more than 50 people have registered to become Badi Friends.
March 2017 Launched the "Badi Cafe" project to create jobs for Badi people
Visited the "Shanja district" in Nepal, where coffee beans are produced, in order to assess the situation on field.
June 2017 Opened "Badi Cafe"
Signed a contract to regularly purchase these coffee beans from Lighthouse Foundation Nepal (LHFN), and opened a support cafe "Badi Cafe" where these beans could be used.
At the same time, in order to continue more support activities, the registration of the organization has been changed from "voluntary" to "non-profit". The office was shifted to Badi Cafe.
August 2017 Gospel Aid for Asia's first tour to Nepal
Gospel Aid for Asia conducted its first tour to Nepal, with 8 participants from Japan. Visited one of the villages of the Badi, "Jhuprakhola". Learned from a villager that prostitution was taking place then and there in the same village at the same time. Owing to the shocking revelation, immediate action was taken to find other means of supporting the livelihood of the Badi people. With the idea of improving domestic animal farming, launched the "Goat Project" to donate funds worth of 52 goats from Japan. In addition, on this tour, having learned that there was not enough support for each girl living in the dormitory, and at the request of LHFN, a monthly foster parent program called the "Badi Parent" system was established. It would take 47 USD per month for supporting one girl.
By the end of 2017, 20 people had registered as Badi Parents and those registered as Badi Friends exceeded 100.
January 2018 A Representative from Lighthouse visits Japan
A representative of LHFN visited Japan and spoke at meetings in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyushu, calling for support.
A second Nepal tour was held in February, and seven participants from Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyushu visited Nepal. Visited LHFN work sites across Nepal. During the tour, we had a meeting with LHFN, set up Badi Enterprises Pvt Ltd, a new company, with some of the LHFN staff, to create jobs for the Badi people. Started crowdfunding projects to raise money for the funds needed to install a workspace for the Badi people with equipment in a rented Nepalese property.
In March of the same year, the number of Badi Parents exceeded 50.
February 2018 Nepal Tour
Visiting the rented property to establish a working space.
As a step further, agreed to launch a new organization to create jobs for the Badi people.
April 2018 Established Badi Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Badi Enterprises Pvt Ltd was established in Nepal.
Laid down the particular groundwork necessary to create jobs for the Badi people.
June 2018 One year has passed since the company was established, and were in the process of considering a name change.
October 2018 Change of organization name
Renamed "Gospel Aid for Asia" to "Gospel Aid".
November 2018 New homepage launched.